Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

At predominantly white institutions, Students of Color are 10 - 15% less likely to graduate. The Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence (CMAE), a division at the University of Oregon, offers resources and retention programs to ensure student equity and build community among underrepresented groups on campus.


While working as the Design and Marketing Coordinator, I developed a cohesive brand for CMAE and created digital/print materials to spread visibility, improve outreach, and strengthen their programs.   

My Role

Design & Marketing Coordinator - Art Direction, Graphic Design, Marketing


Jasmine Jackson (Branding Photography)

Aimee C. Marquez (Together Poster Photography)

Brand Development


CMAE Business Cards

To inform on the specific resources CMAE offers, these cards were made available at each tabling event and in the CMAE office.


CMAE Stickers

These stickers captured the core values CMAE embodies as a center and were shared with staff, students and community members at on-campus events.

Together Posters


The CMAE Together posters combine photographs of students and the CMAE staff to create a harmonious design that welcomes students to visit the center.