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Valiant Labs, Nike's new business incubator, creates businesses that serve underrepresented groups and promote sustainability.


To increase the impact of a new business, we redesigned a website filter to simplify the search process and provide the option of a genderless shopping experience. 

My Role

UI/UX Designer


Annie Li  (Product Designer)

Tyler Ferrin  (Software Engineer)


The shoe inventory was vast, but some users were having trouble filtering through the shoes to find their perfect fit. That, or, they wouldn't use the filter at all. 

How could we design a filter that is visible, functional, but most of all, an integral and enjoyable part of this shopping experience? 

Previous desktop filter

Examine and Synthesize

We looked at existing filters. What was working? What wasn't? 

We reviewed user behavior — how do visitors shop here? How is this different than the usual shoe-shopping experience? We learned that many of our shoppers shop by style and size, not by gender or age.

From this, I created an early sketch that focused on a genderless shopping experience. This served as a rough model for our wireframes moving forward.

Keep It Simple

In an effort to keep scrolling to a minimum, we re-designed the mobile experience as well. However, we soon realized it was possible that users did not see the option to filter by size on mobile. 

Following these insights, we simply made the filter button larger.

First iteration

Second iteration

Provide Options for Everyone

Our initial design was a stride toward a gender-neutral world. However, some users still preferred to shop by gender. We implemented an optional gender tab for those who preferred a gender-based shopping experience.

Break Boundaries 

Our new filter was celebrated by the Nike core community: 

"Validated and Delivered a Genderless Shopping Experience –

[Nike Valiant Labs] validated the proposition that consumers want to see all options that would fit their foot, not their gender, by building a genderless sizing and search functionality on its digital marketplace."

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