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A brand that captures 
the power of ambition


Senior Designer

  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Social Media


Whitney Walker 

Shanice Ricketts 
Ramsha Rizvi 

Maia Gantcheva 

Brooke Jenkins

The Cru empowers mid-career women to achieve their life goals.

Members are matched to a group of women, called a Cru, who provide support and accountability as women work toward their intentions. A robust community of over 2,000 women, The Cru was in need of a brand refresh that reflected the interconnectedness and abundance of potential in the community. 

With the aim of inspiring women to reach new heights, we looked directly to the skies. We pulled from star symbolism and universe nomenclature, and the team created a unique and inspirational brand that truly embodied The Cru member experience.


Delivered robust brand guidelines that streamlined work processes for The Cru team. The Cru's weekly design output increased by 29%.


Since rebranding, monthly website visits have increased by 18%.

Celebrating femininity and maturity

Brand Color Palette + Hierarchy

The Cru's exists to help mid-career women thrive. To better understand what mid-career looks like, we delved into member demographics. Research revealed the majority of members are between the ages of mid-thirties to mid-forties. Our new brand needed to encompass wisdom, grace, and maturity, all whilst nodding to the feminine energy that makes The Cru what it is.  

Rebranding Holistically

In the rebranding process, we encountered conflicting viewpoints on how our brand should be applied across different channels. These differing viewpoints only strengthened our work. We experimented, tested, and most importantly, fostered an environment of dialogue. The result: a comprehensive refresh that speaks to aspirational women across the country. 

Rebrand guidelines preview

Brand Guidelines V2.001.jpeg
Brand Guidelines V2.022.jpeg
Brand Guidelines V2.020.jpeg
Brand Guidelines V2.036.jpeg
Brand Guidelines V2.015.jpeg
Brand Guidelines V2.025.jpeg

Pushing The Cru Forward

A fast-growing startup, The Cru was equipped with a stunning media kit to share with prospective partners. We created a document that both leveraged the new brand and highlighted our astronomical reach. 

An Exhilerating Website for Her

The Cru's website was the key tool women used in applying to a membership. The new site needed to:

  • Create awe and excitement for women

  • Clearly communicate what The Cru is, and how it works

  • Provide transparency around payment plans

  • Intrigue women by introducing the concept of peer-coaching, called Cru Coaching, at The Cru


We put Her first, and crafted a website that did just that. We 1) implemented diverse intention stories, so she can visualize her success, 2) Created a "What does Cru Coaching look like?" video, to show what our strategies look like in practice and 3) Layed out 3 tiers of pricing for simplicity and accessibility

Social Content That Resonates

75% of our applicants find The Cru through social media. We used the rebrand as an opportunity to rethink our social strategy, and positioned The Cru to become thought leaders on understanding and supporting "women in the middle."

Social - 3.png
Social - 4.png
Social - 1.png
Social - 2.png
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