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Tribute to Homero

Homero Gómez González was a monarch butterfly protector and politician murdered in January of 2020. I led this video project to pay tribute to Homero's life as an environmental activist and shed light on the growing number of activists murdered each year. 

My Role

Designer, Animator, and Videographer


Aimee C. Marquez  (Actress)


Each year, more than 100 activists are killed protecting the environment; hundreds more are silenced through threats, attacks, and lawsuits.

In one of his last videos uploaded on Twitter, Homero explains to followers that "Monarchs are lovers of the sun and the souls of the dead."  

How could I capture the essence of Homero's words while also revealing the injustice of silenced activism? 


Research, Analyze and Understand

To fully understand Homero's words, I spent time reviewing his work and looking into different forms of environmental activism/eco-art. I came to understand that his quote was a statement on how monarchs  (and all other beings) are interconnected with us. His words are a translation of a mindset that sees monarchs as close to us as any other person we've ever cared for. It presents the monarch as a being we must continuously fight for. 


Image of Homero Gómez González at the monarch butterfly sanctuary he managed

Say More With Less

With an established video length of under 2 minutes, I was challenged to communicate these messages concisely and powerfully. I created a storyboard that used speed, proximity, and tension to create direct meaning.


Share and Inform

This video project was selected to be shared at the 2021 Environmental Justice Pathways Summit. At this summit, leaders and representatives from frontline communities join with scholars, students, policymakers, institutions, and NGOs to address environmental justice concerns across the state of Oregon.

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