Un Nuevo Normal

Un Nuevo Normal animates a personal experience with Hurricane Maria, a hurricane that devastated thousands in Puerto Rico. In doing so, the animation reflects upon the United State's pattern of oppression toward Puerto Rico since before the occupation to this very day.

My Role

Designer, Animator


Ihan-Jarek Acevedo

(Story Writer) 

English Translation

Puerto Rico, my home, a small island in the Caribbean 
September 2017, it’s a “normal” week of classes and work
It’s also the calm before the storm
A hurricane approaches, they call it Maria
And soon, Misery will be her title

It’s the next day, didn’t sleep well
The whole island is without power and running water
Destroyed roads, collapsed bridges
Towers and antennas on the ground. Radios and phones don’t work
How are my parents? My family?
Will we run out of food and supplies?
What will happen with my future? Puerto Rico’s?
The federal government announced that they’ll help. Will everything go back to “normal”?

February 2020, it’s a normal week of classes and work
Help never arrived… Those who didn’t die or leave had to adjust to a new "normal."

Puerto Rico suffered a total collapse of its infrastructure due to Hurricane Maria, causing over 3,000 deaths. 
Two and a half years after the hurricane, the federal government has released less than 20% of the assigned disaster aid funds, stopping any progress. These funds are not a promised "aid," but instead are part of an insurance included in the tax payment for Puerto Rican citizens. A series of earthquakes between December 2019 and January 2020 caused even more damage to the island’s infrastructure, delaying the recovery process even further.