Naily Nevarez

/nye-lee neh-var-ez/


Through empathetic design, my work addresses themes of justice and culture with a strong focus on empowerment. My commitment to these values has led me to work and collaborate with the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence, Nike Valiant Labs, and Detention Watch Network. More recently, I completed a John Lewis fellowship through Humanity in Action in partnership with the National Center for Civic and Human Rights.

I believe those who tell powerful stories shape culture and those who shape culture, shape politics. Passionate about positive social change, I design to tell stories that culturally resonate. As Maya Angelou once said, “[people] may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” 


I am currently searching for job opportunities at the intersection between design and social impact. Please feel free to reach out!



B Corp Leadership Development Pacific Northwest Conference. 2020. Artist.


Environmental Justice Pathways Webinar. 2020. Speaker.

Raices Unidas Youth Conference. 2016. 2018. 2019. 2020. Workshop Presenter.

Los Dells Festival. 2018. Visiting Artist.



Humanity in Action, Fellow.

Princeton in Latin America, Finalist.

University of Oregon, Summa Cum Laude.

Patos Avanzando Tradiciones Orgullosamente y Sobresaliendo, Award Recipient.

Ford Family Foundation, Scholar.

Coca-Cola Foundation, Scholar.


Barack Obama Presidential Service Award, Award Recipient.


Naily brings a fresh, innovative approach to her designs but most importantly, her presence brings a light to the workplace! She has a strong work ethic and through her resilient nature, she advocates for meaningful social, political, and environmental change...


- Renee Allums, Creative Problem Solver; Founder at Culturtize

Naily is not only one of the best designers/artists I have ever met, she is also an amazing person who casts a bright light on everything she does and everyone she engages with. Her artistic talents are numerous and her creativity knows no limits. I have always been impressed with every creation she has produced for the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence over the past two years. 


- Matt Marcott, Center Coordinator at the Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

As her manager and mentor, I saw Naily take on new [programming] challenges with gusto. She would enthusiastically reach out and ask questions if there was a task that required clarification, or let me know if there was something I could do differently to aid in her success. Naily’s shear determination, hunger for learning, delightful collaboration with her teammates, and ability to complete tasks was so fierce, it wasn’t long before I had her working on actual client work! Had Naily been looking for a job after her internship, rather than going back to school, I would've encouraged my company to hire her on the spot!


- Amy Swan, Software Engineer at ThinkShout

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